The cost of drug rehab: an overview

The cost of drug rehabilitation is one of the critical factors to consider when looking for a treatment center. Data also shows us that the cost of treatment is one of the primary reasons why most people are reluctant to check into a rehab center. The perception is that drug rehab centers are super expensive, and this discourages some people from seeking help. That’s not correct, though.

There are rehab centers for everyone. Whether you are looking for the cheapest or even a free center or a luxurious suite, you will find a decent variety of options to choose from. The sad news is that free centers are not as many as the moderately priced and expensive treatment centers. Also, you will find the free centers to lack some critical amenities since they are trying to cut down on the costs of operations. However, they are still very committed to helping people with drug use disorders, and they are definitely better than not getting treatment at all. On the other end of the spectrum, expensive drug rehabs offer everything you can think of. They may even feel unnecessarily luxurious, but all of this goes to making sure that your treatment and recovery is super comfortable.

What Factors Influence the Drug Rehab Cost?

Various factors usually influence the cost of rehabilitation. These include:

Type of Treatment Program

There are different treatment programs out there. You can choose between outpatient and inpatient programs. In other cases, the patient doesn’t get to choose what treatment program they can use. This is especially the case when one is seriously addicted, which puts their lives in danger. Such patients are usually checked into inpatient programs since it provides a better avenue for close supervision.

As you can expect, an inpatient program is going to cost more than outpatient programs. As an inpatient, one has unlimited access to medical professionals. They also utilize different amenities, including sleeping facilities and other resources such as food. This means the operational costs of inpatient facilities are high, which consequently translates to a high cost of rehab.

With outpatient programs, you only check into the treatment facilities during business hours. Sometimes you may only have an appointment a few days per week. The cost of outpatient programs is, therefore, more affordable. However, not everyone can utilize outpatient programs. As we said, it all depends on how severe the condition is.

Types of Amenities Offered

The type and number of amenities offered make the difference between standard rehab centers and luxurious ones. In a standard rehab center, only the basic amenities are provided. This keeps the running costs down, thus making it possible for them to offer the services at an affordable price.

On the other hand, you could come across rehab centers with lots of amenities ranging from personal trainers, massage therapists, personal assistants, private nurses, hot tubs, saunas, limousine transport services to hair and nail technicians. The cost here usually is very expensive. These are the kind of rehab centers commonly utilized by celebrities and the rich.

Location of the Rehab Center

The location of a rehab center can influence the cost of rehabilitation in two key ways;

First, if the center is located in a city with a high cost of living e.g., California, the cost of rehab will be relatively high as compared to one located in a more affordable town.

The cost of rehab will also change depending on where precisely the rehab center is built. For instance, most government rehab centers are located in the city. These are usually more affordable, but then they don’t offer much in terms of amenities. Meanwhile, you could come across a rehab center built overlooking the ocean. These gorgeous rehab centers have lots to offer both in terms of patient care and other luxury services. The price tag is typically very high, though.

Length of Treatment

The longer you have to seek treatment, the higher the cost of rehabilitation. In your initial visit to a rehab center, the physicians will evaluate to determine the impact of drug use on your health. The results here inform them of how long you should be placed under treatment. They will proceed to recommend the appropriate duration for effective treatment. This can be as short a period as one or two weeks or as long as a year or more in cases involving extremely dangerous drugs such as heroin.

However, you are the one to decide for how long you’ll be under treatment. Unfortunately, going for a short treatment program to save on costs may not work out well for you. It’s generally advisable to go by the recommendations of the physicians. Perhaps you could try and save on costs by changing from inpatient to an outpatient program once you’re done with detox and when the withdrawal symptoms have started dying down.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

With the above factors considered, you can expect to pay the following:

  • Detox

Detox is the first line of treatment once you check into a rehab center. The cost of detox can start at $300, going all the way to $800 per day. Typically, detox is carried out for 3 to 5 days. Therefore, you can expect to pay anything between $800 to $4000. The exact figure will depend on how long the detox will be carried out plus the specific drug involved. The cost may also go up if the patient requires emergency detox.

  • Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient programs are very affordable. You can even access some of these programs for free. However, most of them range from $1000 to $10,000. A decent 3-month mild to moderate outpatient program can cost somewhere around $5000. These prices will change based on the various factors discussed above, plus the number of days you visit the center and the length of treatment. Intensive outpatient care usually cost even more.

  • Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabs are more expensive, starting at around $6000 – $7000 for a 30-day program. If you are looking for a premium facility to match your expensive taste, you can expect to pay $20000 or more. Some inpatient rehab centers include the cost of detox on these plans. It’s essential to inquire about this beforehand.

  • Medications

treatment of some addictions does not require any additional medications once detox is done. In other cases, such as opiate addiction, the patient may require the prescription of medications such as methadone even after detoxification. This can further increase the cost of treatment by approximately $4,700 every year.

  • Admission Fee

Admission fees in most rehab centers start at around $2500 going up.

Payment Options

Some of the common options for covering your rehab costs include:

Insurance – private health insurance plans cover several substance abuse treatments. You can contact your insurer to determine whether the specific treatment you are seeking is covered under your policy. Some rehab centers may also check the policy for you to determine whether your condition is covered or not.

Medicare and Medicaid – these are state-sponsored health benefits for certain groups of people. Medicare, for instance, covers individuals who are 65+ years old and are disabled. Meanwhile, Medicaid is meant for pregnant women, teens below 19 years, the elderly of over 65 years, parents, etc. The rehab center will help you check your eligibility for these two plans.

Private financing – private financing is a viable option if you don’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, and you don’t have an insurance cover. Some rehab centers may offer you financing, which you can start to repay after your discharge. You can also get a home equity loan to cover for the costs of your rehab.

Non-Profit Treatment Centers – you can check your area for some non-profit treatment centers. These are known to offer decent rehab services at little to no cost.

Some of the other payment options include fundraising, crowdfunding, SAMHSA grants, among others.

Looking at the above figures, we can see that drug rehab is not as expensive as most people paint it out to be. In fact, substance abuse and addiction are even more expensive in the long run than treatment. Not only will substance use milk you dry of cash, but it will also lead you do debt, not to mention the effect it will have on your personal, social, and professional life. Therefore, the cost for rehab is absolutely worth it.

In case you are financially stretched, you can discuss your state with the treatment professionals, and they’ll figure a way forward for you.

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