What is the Drug Addiction Hotline

You are not the only one struggling with drug addiction. Approximately 19.7 million American adults were recorded to be struggling with substance abuse in the year 2017. This should give you some comfort, but it should also challenge you into taking a step into the right direction because let’s face it, drug addiction has been the source to a lot of issues such as joblessness, homelessness, and even suicide.

While drug addiction is a major problem faced by a lot of people, statistics also show that very few people seek help. And why is that? Did you know that help is just a phone call away? Like all you need to do is gather the courage and go the extra mile to pick your phone and make the call which could potentially transform your life forever? This is the sole purpose behind Drug Addiction Hotlines.

In case you didn’t know, drug addiction hotlines are toll-free numbers that will get you in touch with professionals that will assist you in getting the help you need. These numbers exist in all states, and hence, there is really no excuse to continue struggling with addiction or let it turn your life upside down. Wouldn’t you want to regain control over your life and live it on your own terms instead of letting an addiction driving you wherever and whenever? Wouldn’t you want to see your loved one get over their addictions and start leading a productive life? The professionals staffing drug addiction hotlines are desperate to give you the help you need. The hotlines are available 24/7, and you don’t even need to worry about how the conversation will go because if you’re too shy to speak out, then the staff will guide you through the conversation and link you up with the right treatment program for your specific problem.

But how do I know if I have a drug abuse problem? If you are asking yourself this problem, the chances are that you already have a problem. People will have different definitions for addiction, but in most cases, if you are starting to question whether you have the problem, then it does exist. It might not be as big a problem, but it is a one nonetheless, and hence it’s best to get help before it escalates any further. Anyway, you can also use the following pointers to determine if you have an addiction problem or not. You can also use them to determine whether a loved one is struggling with addiction.

  • Inability to stop taking the drug. This is the most common and obvious form of addiction. If you are incapable of going through a couple of hours or even the whole day without using the drug, then you can consider yourself addicted.
  • You are investing so much effort in getting, taking, or recovering from the substance. The perfect example here is going out of your way to drive for miles just so you can get the drug. It could be that you are investing a huge chunk of your cash on obtaining and using the drug. It’s also at this point that some people are pushed into doing illegal activities to afford the next high. This is a clear sign that you are addicted.
  • When you are spending so much of your effort and resources on obtaining the drug, you’ll inevitably ignore your responsibilities. You’ll no longer be in a position to meet your financial and other household needs.
  • Drug addiction and healthy relationships cannot co-exist. If you are having a hard time getting along with your family, friends, and coworkers, then chances are you are addicted. In most cases, the inability to sustain these relationships stems from your poor practices due to taking the drug e.g., you could be neglecting your family and spending the better part of every night at the closest bar you can find.
  • Addiction also results in changes in behavior. You’ll seclude yourself both at home and in your workplace or school. You’ll also start sleeping at odd hours. Minor self-care responsibilities such as bathing and laundry will become a struggle. Your favorite activities that used to bring you so much excitement will no longer be as enjoyable.
  • You’ll also see the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms. Staying a day without the drug starts to create a host of issues such as fever, anxiety, and confusion, just to mention a few. This usually shows that you are seriously addicted. The symptoms could easily lead you into doing anything to obtain the drugs.
  • Say you used to take the drug once in two days or even a week and then suddenly, this no longer feels satisfactory, and you’re forced to double up your dose. Not only do you increase the dosage, but you also start to take the drug more frequently like two times per day. Increased tolerance to the drug usually influences this.

How is a Drug Addiction Hotline Helpful?

What help could you possibly get from a mere hotline, you may wonder. Well, these professionals are trained to give you all the information you need to kick start your recovery and rehab journey. You’d be surprised at just how much a single call can change.

For one, you will get to know what exactly your problem is. They will help you know the extent of your addiction and give you a highlight of all the treatment options at your disposal. You’ll learn of all these options together with their pros and possible cons. This makes your work of choosing a treatment even easier.

They will also assist you in identifying treatment centers where you can get the help you need. Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient facilities, you will get a decent number of options that are both nearby and fairly distant.

You will learn of all the possible medications you may be placed under. This is very important because certain forms of addiction can result in terrible withdrawal symptoms if you stopped taking the drug suddenly. In addition to that, you will know how long your treatment will last. This can help you plan accordingly to ensure that your rehab program does not interfere with your daily routines.

Will Insurance Pay for My Addiction Treatment?

While drug addiction hotlines are mostly toll-free, most rehab centers are going to charge you some fee. As they take you through your treatment options, the staff will also give you details on how much the different centers cost and the insurance coverage policies of each one of them.

You must gain your courage and ask all the questions you may have through this call. No one will judge you, plus all the conversations are 100% confidential. You can even take a notebook and pen and note down all the essentials. The specialists will be ready to answer all your questions and make sure that you or your loved one get the best help.

Are You Forced to Join a Rehab Center After Calling an Addiction Hotline?

No obligations or involuntary commitments are placed to the caller. Just because you decided to make a call to an addiction hotline does not mean that you must sign up to join a rehab center. The counselors will give you all the information you need, they will also tell you about all the options you have and give you further guidance, but ultimately, you are the one to decide on which path you want to take. Of course, we would be happy and proud to see you overcome the addiction and we’re sure that your family and friends would want the same outcome, but no one will force you to do anything you don’t want to.

Can I Go to Jail for Calling the Drug Addiction Hotline?

No, you can’t. You have nothing to worry about for calling the hotline if you are addicted to heroin, cocaine, meth or other illegal substances. The sole purpose of the drug addiction hotline is to help you get better and not to investigate how and where you get the substance. Therefore, you can call with confidence and inquire about all the information you need without worrying about going to jail.

In conclusion, we’ll urge you to remain truthful in answering all the questions the counselor will have for you. They rely on this information to identify your specific problem and link you to the appropriate treatment. All of that will be in vain if you lie. Remember that all conversations are confidential, and hence there is really no need to lie or withhold vital information.

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